Hark now hear

Well today pretty much just resolved around the derby for me. I was frantically trying to find somewhere showing the game in the city centre but trying to find a bar one is hard work in Chisinau, never mind one actually showing it.

I was getting desperate as it got closer and closer to KO and took to just asking people on the street, but not that many Moldovians speak English really. One bloke seemed determined to assist and took me on a bit of a wild goose chase, we must have walked the best part of a mike. He took me to a cinema, why on earth would a cinema show a football match? He then reckoned there was somewhere across town where it would be on if we got a taxi. I don’t know if he was genuinely trying to help me or just playing silly beggars but I didn’t trust him and I’d had enough. I just jumped in a taxi back to the hostel to try and watch it on the Internet there.

I missed the first half hour but then once I’d installed Sopcast it was all okey dokey.

So I can’t really be bothered talking too much about the game actual game. It was one of the most exciting and entertaining derbies ever but we were cheated with the ridiculous amount of stoppage time added. Whether we were good enough for a point with a largely abject 2nd half performance is irrelevant. Fergie time is clearly still prevalent.

Most annoyingly it robbed me of what would have been my blog title for today, ‘You’ve been merked innit’.

Our day will come though and what’s better, they know it. The future is blue.

The 2 Welsh lads had invited me to go with them for a day trip to Tiraspol in the break away republic of Transnistria and if it wasn’t for the match I’d have definitely gone. They’re are a reet daft pair, they love the danger element of the border crossings in these parts. The encounters of corruption and bribery is what seems to makes it interesting for them.

So I’ll have another look around Chisinau tomorrow but if I’m honest I’ve not been impressed with the place at all. It’s not somewhere I’d have any interest in returning to that’s for sure.

Another older picture today I’m afraid, there are very few worthy candidates making themselves available at the moment. This is St. Nicolae Church in Brasov.


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