Not Ljubljy jubbly

I decided to try the trek through the Forest this afternoon to get to the city centre and have a butchers about. It was quite a good work out and I enjoyed it. It did all go a bit Blair Witch Project though a few times as I seemed to be on paths that bared no resemblance to my map, deep in the woods, and with nae bugger about. All was well though and before long though I came out into Tivoli Park just on the edge of the main part of the city.

Unfortunately this was the highlight of the day. I’ve not been very impressed with Ljubljana really, it’s pretty in little patches but there’s not really anything of interest to see (or at least I didn’t come across it) and it didn’t seem to have much of a vibe about it (or at least I didn’t pick it up).

My attempts to find decent priced and healthy food today hasn’t gone very well either. The Slovenians clearly aren’t too big on pasta (or at least pasta for under 10 Euros, okay I’m going to stop doing that now as it’s quite annoying isn’t it). So being very hungry at 20:00 I decided to settle for some more modestly priced cevapici. This didn’t go too good either though as the girl said she spoke some English when she actually meant she spoke none. I thought I’d ordered when I said “cevapici” and she corrected my pronunciation, so after I’d been sat for a good while listening to ‘100 Broken Windows’ era Idlewild and finished my nice pint of Union and still nothing had arrived, I got the gist that it wasn’t coming. When I tried to enquire what was happening I soon realised I’d have about as much luck if I asked her what she thought the pros and cons were of the Revie Plan. Hungry and demoralised I resigned myself to my fate of another bit of cheap and easy fast food.

The bloke behind the counter at Smacky’s said “Have a nice day”. How can I have a nice day at nearly 21:00?

So Zagreb tomorrow, my ticket was only about 12 Euros and it’s a 3 hour journey. That’s more like it after €65 to get here from Vienna.

As I can’t find a web service to display my route as I go (or at least one that I can pipe into this site), here is an old skool (poor resolution, as I’ve had to rotate the image) version showing where I’m up to at the moment.



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4 Responses to “Not Ljubljy jubbly”

  1. Andrej Says:

    Hey Dan,
    To bad you already left for Zagreb, I could give you a good tour of the city.
    Its surprising to me that the girl in the food place didnt speak English, I was always of impression that is the second language in this city. But you know in Rome do as the Romans do it. Contacting the locals is the best way to find cool places which would satisfy any part of your curiousity.

  2. Dan Bowen Says:

    Ta for the offer, If I’m ever there again maybe I’ll take you up on it.

    I don’t blame the girl, her English is still a hell of a lot better than my Slovenian!

  3. NiMRod Says:

    Do you have photos of the places you have stayed?

  4. Dan Bowen Says:

    Negative. Why Nimmers?

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