The Flying Scotsman

There wasn’t much doing last night so I had a relatively early one, in me bunk before the witching hour no less. Which was just as well as the herd of inconsiderate tubsters crashing about and talking without any volume control woke me up at half 6 in the morning. Bad hosteling that, okay people need to get up at different times for various reasons and it’s impossible not to make some noise but you at least attempt to minimise it. I was tempted to request that these flamin’ drongos shut their fat cakeholes.

Yesterday a really annoying American (of Chinese descent) couple checked in. Really loud, really confident and really in your face. They’ve got that horrible generic accent that almost comes straight from the throat and the way they interact with each other is awful to behold, it’s like they are auditioning for ‘Dawson’s Creek’. ‘Winnie’ introduced herself instantly to everyone in the room. Yes? Really? Gosh. Do one Winnie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some really cool Americans and it’s wrong to write off an entire nation of people but all the different stereotypes you have in your head are all prevalent. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

You’ve probably gathered I’m in a bit of an acidic mood today. I’ll try and chill out a bit now. A wee bike ride I thinks if I have enough dosh.

I just read an interesting stat on a BBC Football blog: Since the inaugural season of the Premier League in 92/93, 14 teams have dropped to League 1 (Division 3 if you like) yet only 1 has managed to return to the elite tier of English Football, Manchester City. That’s a stat that means more to me than x amount of trophies does to your average rag. CTID.

I did indeed hire a bike, it cost me $25 for about 4 hours. I rode it up to Chute-Montmorency which is a very pretty waterfall. There was a cable car up to the top but I couldn’t afford it after the events of yesterday, the trek had the better views anyway.

I probably cycled around 25-30 KM in all and really enjoyed it, The Arcade Fire providing ear stimulation all the while.

Earlier I saw a flyer for a U2 3D IMAX show. Can you imagine Boneo and The Hedge coming at you in an extra dimension. It doesn’t bare thinking about. Shudder.

Early start tomorrow, have to be up at half 5 to get the Old Orleans bus to Montreal. Me and pre 09:00 am get-ups don’t get on too swell. In fact me and pre 10:30 am get-ups aren’t exactly bosom buddies either. 3 and a bit hours after getting on the bus I have to wait for an hour and then I’ll be on one of those Greyhound bad boys to Boston which will take 8 hours or so.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the money from a Western Union office then, otherwise it’s big troubs in little China.

So Quebec City, yes very nice. 2 days is enough though.


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