Recycling, the possibilities are endless

Had the usual stress of barely leaving myself enough time to get to the station, also as usual (apart from Vegas, but there were mitigating circumstances there!) I just made it.

I appear to have lost a 70 tonne white whale. I can’t find Moby Dick. It’s not the end of the world as it’s out of copyright so I can get it free straight to my phone. More annoying is the genuine HM Prison Service bookmark I got off eBay that has gone with it.

The hostel seems okay, decent facillities and a much needed washing machine. There’s only so many times gruds can be recycled you know.

There’s not always much to blog about on the days I travel but I kind of feel obliged, if not for your benefit for mine. OCPD.

Not sure what tonight holds, will play it by ear folks.

Pic is another one from the War Museum. Glad to see the patella surviving in both cases.


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