I’m in the process of watching ‘Usual Suspects’ on the idiot box (it really is over here too, the commercials are unbelievable) but it’s driving me mad. I timed the last duration between ad breaks, 7 mintues 21 seconds. Then the adverts last close to 5 minutes, the film length is nearly doubled.

It’s also been dubbed with a certain 4 letter replaced often with frig, which just doesn’t frigging sound right.

My plan to hire a bike didn’t happen, by the time I got up there it wasn’t really worth it time wise. I may put this plan into practise in another city yet though.

I did make it to the Canadian War Museum and after a 16:00 on a Thursday it’s free too so that saved me a tenner. It was excellent, I learnt loads about the British and French wars over here and a fair whack about World War I as well. I know it’s a bit geeky but these things interest me greatly.

I also got to see the Merc convertible that Hitler used to cruise about in while on propoganda rallies and such like. It was quite errie to think that Adolf once plonked his boney posterior in the passenger seat.

If I find myself bored in the day I’ve found a new effective time waster, go and squat in a HMV (or similar) and play the PS3 or if I really have to lower myself, the XBox 360. Spent an hour in there today, magic.

Apart from a lot of wandering around that was pretty much my day.

I’m just watching ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ now. I’ve come in half way through it and I’ve seen it before anyway, but what a ace film.

So Montreal tomorrow. Ottawa has been nae bad, the evenings have been a bit dull though.

Picture – Adolf looking a tad sheepish in Paris. “Hey Heinrich, where did all the French go?”.


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2 Responses to “Mallrats”

  1. Dave Ash Says:

    I like how even Hitler, whilst carrying out his Europe wide genocide, still has time to say “Goebbels, get one of us in front of the Eiffel Tower and make sure you get the top of it in this time you cack handed twat”

  2. Suprarationality Says:

    I hate watching films on TV with those dumb commercials but 7mins+ then 5mins commercials is ridiculous!!!

    Pan’s Labyrinth is a weird but wonderful film – I think I need to watch it again too

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