Maple Leaves

I’ve noticed far too many Rangers shirts knocking about in Niagara for it to be a coincidence. So I got speaking to a fella to find out what was going on, 10 miles or so away is the annual Rangers North America supporters club meeting. 1500 of them expected, blimey.

I went on the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat tour earlier, it takes you right up to the falls. First the smaller American one (pictured below) which is still immensely powerful and then the Canadian Horseshoe Falls which is ridiculously collossus.

You were given these huge daft blue hooded ponchos but everyone is in the same boat (pun intended) so you don’t mind. We were like the blue klux clan. They were very much needed as well, it’s like being shot at with a super soaker 5000 when you get up close to the Horseshoe.

The Niagara Falls are amazing and a wonder of nature but purely as a beautiful spectacle, I still prefer the ones at Yosemite.

Other than the falls themselves I didn’t find the area very nice, it’s like a really rubbish version of Blackpool and not very well maintained. All very tacky really, the council here must be bobbins because they have wasted a real opportunity.

A guy working the fairground strength hammer thing said “Hey you look like Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny, I guess you get that a lot huh” as I walked past. Spenny?

So that’s Spenny 1, The Beatles (generic) 23 and Nigel from The Cramps 1.

Man, what a stress that was. I left too late from the hostel as the owner (who is nice but chatty) was waffling so I had to squeeze a 40 minute walk in to 25 (which is when the train was due to leave). I managed it in 24, all be it quite sweaty.

I was a bit worried though when I got there as no other passengers were about. The ticket man said it was delayed about an hour but put a sticker on my ticket to allow me to get the bus across the road, which was leaving instantly! I legged it across (easier said than done with 70 litres on your back) and just about made it.

The bus was very busy so when I went to sit down next to some bloke I first enquired if the seat was free. The guy took an age to reply and eventually said “Well I could charge”. Funny guy. I was in no mood for this sort of chump. I just said “Free as in not taken, the word has multiple meanings” and plonked my tired legs down. Manners are wasted on this lot.

2 hours or so later and I’m in Toronto, looks okay too. Bit knackered so I’m just going to take it east tonight and go explore in the morning.


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4 Responses to “Maple Leaves”

  1. Rob (jack) Says:

    A really rubbish version of Blackpool? Blimey, I didn’t realise that was even possible.

    Enjoying the blog Dan. Take care.

  2. Dan Bowen Says:

    I’m quite partial to a bit of Blackpool in very short doses Rob, you wouldn’t want it parked directly next to the Egyptian pyramids though would you.

  3. Dave Ash Says:

    dunno which is which

    but you look like neither kenny or spenny

  4. Dan Bowen Says:

    I concur, reckon I look more like Graham Chapman than those chumps!

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