A wealth in common

When I arrive in the land of maples and mounties I’ve got a date with some serious shut-eye. I did just get around an hour via a power nap, which I think may qualify as my longest consecutive stretch on one of these long haul Amtrak bad boys. Annoyingly it could have been longer but the driver has for some reason become trigger happy with his horn (which sounds like an out of tune Hammond organ) and is giving it a very loud toot every few seconds. I’m unsuccessfully trying to drown it out with Patrick Wolf’s ‘Wind In The Wires’. Set of b@stards.

Signs outside are telling me that I’m in Skagit County. It’s a drizzly day in Skagit. Drizzle, I’ve not seen that in quite some time.

I’m now in Vancouver, British Columbia (I thought British Columbia is what occurs in toilet cubicles the UK over on a Friday and Saturday night), Canada. Lots of customs jiggery pokery going on, it’s taking ages. Anyone would think it was still the prohibition era.

Canadian money is a bit odd, similar to Monopoly money. It does have the Queen on it though, good to see the old girl again.

A relatively short one today. The photo is just of a beach on the Pacific right near the Canadian border.


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