Destination Denver

The hardest part of travelling is the temporary aspect of everything, just as you are about settled in one place you are on to the next and the journeys can be difficult. But the journeys themselves are a big part of the adventure and as I gaze upon the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains (suitably soundtracked by Ryan Adam’s classic b-sides album, Demolition) I can’t think of many better ways to travel than on the back of these metal Amtrak beasts.

I got the bus this morning at 7ish and was on the train for just after 9. It’s due in Denver tomorrow night around 8pm. What a monster eh!

Have just gone through Reno in Nevada, it didn’t look too interesting to be honest though the earlier town Truckee (California) near Lake Tahoe looked nice. We’ll cross into Utah in the early hours of the morning but I’ll hopefully be firmly in the land of nod by then. We’ll be tailing the Colarado River at some point tomorrow too so that should be a sight to behold and then eventually the Rocky Mountains will be knocking about, goodo.

There are not as many characters on this train as last time I was on a long-haul but I don’t mind. I could do with some quiet time as Frisco was quite full on. I’ll take the chance to catch up on my reading, it’s been a while since I followed the trials and tests of Don Q. and Sancho. I’m also massively behind on my podcasts, that won’t do.

As a little treat tonight after an imminent power nap I think I will pay a visit to the viewing lounge and have a couple of swigs of Jim Beam from my hipflask while taking in the Nevada twilight. Having a hipflask makes me sound like an alchie, but I only ever use it on these long train trips, the 2 work well together you see.

I heard City’s European dreams for next season are over, this term has to be deemed a failure for me now. I’m going to become a Broncos fan instead, Denver til I die.

The picture is of Bill, an American pool player and artist who seriously was never more than 3 metres from the table pretty much the entire time I was at the hostel. I taught him killer and he taught me this mental game called reverse, very good for honing positional and angular skills. I’ll be spreading the word when back on Blighty soil.


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2 Responses to “Destination Denver”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    how about the LFL (Lingerie Football league) you picked your team for that?

  2. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    Dan I`ve read all your post above but I`m intrigued by Jimbo and the LFL remark???? ;O

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