I’ll be back

Some Australian girl said to me the other day:

“What part of Ireland are you from?”

Me “England, it’s the big bit in the middle”.


Today I tried to find the Manchester City bar but it wasn’t at the address I had, oh well. So we went into some mad old hippy joint that had a live band playing Stones tunes. I’ve never seen such a strange mix of people in all my life, was good though. I had a JD ‘n coke, Simon a Jim Beam and Ed a Southern Comfort. They were the most ridiculously large measures, just the one drink was had.

We went through China Town on the way which was very impressive, it’s massive, maybe 20 times bigger than the Manc equivalent. I like it.

I really like the 2 Australian geezers we’ve been knocking about with the past couple of days, Nick and Ed (who estimates he has been chased by sharks while surfing around double figures and is also a very talented musician, coolio!). I’ve always had a fondness for our colleagues from down under, I think they have a good appreciation for the British psyche and sense of humour. I find the rivalry edge funny too; “Hey Tuffers, lend us your brain mate we’re building an idiot”. Quality.

Ed also reckons he could put me on to work if I’m ever in Sydney so that’s good.

Also JM from Montreal has offered to put me up when I’m over that way, jolly friendly of him. As well as being a crack shot beer pong expert he is the nicest man in Canada, top lad.

Also also, I met a slick French bloke who makes guitar pedals who has invited me to his gaff in Paris. The offers are coming in thick and fast, maybe some are not 100% when reflected upon later but some definetely are.

I’ve met so many cool people in this hostel that it’s quite the ball ache to leave. It’s also the end of mine and Simon’s travel partnership which is a shame but also good in some ways as I think you are supposed to do these things by youself really, that’s part of the challenge.

We just ate some Japanese food for tea, to be blunt it didn’t work for me. Soup like dish water, standard salad, sushi (mingin’), terriyaki chicken (which was ace) and bland rice. Horses for courses but at least it was an experience.

Many hours later and I’ve had quite a few beers tonight but I’ve almost played myself sober on the pool table (teaching a group of 4 or 5 different nationalities the joys of ‘killer’ was good). I made the decision early on that as I have to get up at quarter to 6 (in 15 minutes as I type this) it would be as easy just to do an all nighter. I’m that exhausted that even though it’s hard to kip on a train, I reckon I’ll pull it off.

I’m a bit concerned about my bus transfer to Emmeryville to get the train as it’s been difficult to figure out the bus times and stops, I think I know where I’m going but if not I’ll just have to wing it. It’s a mini adventure.

I loved San Francisco, I’ll come back one day for sure for sure. It will probably be a while before I get a chance to post again so ttfn.


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4 Responses to “I’ll be back”

  1. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    Fingers up Jimmy Stoooarts nose Dan-sacriledge!

    I swear it reads like you are doing a UN ambassador trip with the amount of nationalities you`re hanging with. Power to you Dan Dan Boutros Boutros Gali(sp?).


    Where`s nexr after Denver buddy?

  2. NiMRod Says:

    Dan i’m surprised you didn’t mention pockey! Whats up mate, your fingers not upto it these days?

  3. Dan Bowen Says:

    I didn’t think these foreigners were up to it Nim!

  4. Dan Bowen Says:

    I agree matey, I merely documented the event! Possibly my favourite actor of all time.

    Next up, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

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