Alcatraz here we come

Beer pong is officially the finest sporting event known to man. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun (though the picture below suggests this not to be the case), the trash talk is maybe even more amusing than the pong action itself. I’m well and truly sold on it.

So that was pretty much how the night went.

As I blog I’m sat on a ferry on route to Alcatraz, the former home of old Scarface himself. Did you know he spent a fair bit of time in isolation for fist fighting, who’d be daft enough to start a scrap with Al Capone?

As I blog now I’m sat on a ferry on route back from Alcatraz. It was ace, it’s presented exceptionally well and you leave with a very vivid feel for the place. I really don’t want to go to prison.

I’ve now taken to calling myself Donnie, it’s a mega time saver. Plus it gives me an excuse to do Donnie Brascoe impressions.

There is an official pub crawl from the hostel tonight and even though I’m in desperate need of some shut-eye I’ll probably go. I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow night as I’ve to be up very early to get the train to Denver so tonight is a final San Fran hoorah.

Once in Denver I’ll be on my own again so I plan to get some serious rest and a detox there.

Yum. I just ate a strawberry jam bagel, with the jam kindly donated by JM, via his mother. Yum.


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7 Responses to “Alcatraz here we come”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    famous last words “I’ll be on my own” until you turn up a the hostel and there’s a party going on

  2. Dan Bowen Says:

    Tell me about it Jimbo!

  3. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    Still wanna know rules of Beer pong matey??? Gutted you put the part about “organised” pub crawl in. Just took a tiny feather off my free spirited flying eagle image of hostels. 😉

  4. stevieflow Says:

    I too went to Alcatraz the other week chipper. I got the kids one of the tin cups that were for sale, plus a copy of the prison rules. Blimey – fun all the way over here!

  5. Dan Bowen Says:

    Those cups were ace, would have got one Chipper but no room in me bag. Bit grim for the nippers though no?!

    I got 3 very odd fridge magnets of the paper mâché heads if the fellas who escaped. Very disturbing.

  6. stevieflow Says:

    paper mache heads… blimey

  7. Dan Bowen Says:

    Indeed Stevie, indeed.

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