Great balls of fire

Oh dear, I’m feeling quite rough after too much of the vodka of the year for 2033 (that’s what it said on the bottle!). Had a better night though with a more interesting crowd of people, mainly Southerners from the same country as my sen. A couple of bars and then drinks on the grass outside the hostel again was roughly the night.

A quiet day was had today. I went down to the beach with Simon and 2 cool lads from Bristol and played a bit of volleyball which was good as the weather is relatively mild today after a scorching 35+ degrees yesterday. It’s a tough game, they make it look dead easy in Top Gun, it’s not the case my friends. It was a narrow victory for Team Jerky against Team Mick and Keith.

Tonight we are heading down to Isla Vista which is a student area where apparently there are loads of parties. I can’t really be arsed especially as I have to pick up a motor in the morning and drive to Yosemite (which I’m really looking forward to seeing), but the alternative is to sit in on my todd so will just take it easy and enjoy anyway.

Short post tonight folks for once, refreshing eh.


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2 Responses to “Great balls of fire”

  1. Nic Bowen Says:

    Are u mad eh! Your writing is refreshing, i can only speak 4 myself but i am certain all avid readers will agree that the more u write the more refreshed we feel! I cant wait 4 the Yosemite post. Ive seen some amazing pics and i know u will b in your element there! Love u loads! Xx

  2. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    I concur cuzzin Nic, Dan certainly has scribe power as well as very tight short/jeans 🙂

    I think it`s very seminal that I watch news about fires in Santa Barbara and then log onto my intrepid relatives picture from the scene!!

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