Leaving Las Vegas

Last night was an eventful one. An Irish bloke who works at the hostel where Jorma is staying was putting some sort of outing together; $35 for the limo, entrance to the MGM club and entrance to a strip club, ahem. We were both a bit unsure about it but decided to go with it.

Ridiculous measures of vodka were going round in the limo and it was hard to say no, I got stupidly drunk. I don’t actually remember much but I missed my flight to San Diego this morning (invariable really) lost my belt and had to cancel 2 credit cards which I thought I had lost. I probably spent the best part of a ton sorting stuff out on the phone ‘n all. All a bit depressing really.

So I checked into the hostel and will be getting the Greyhound bus in the morning, 8 hours on the mudda. A sound lad named Simon from Northern Ireland is making the trip with me though so it shouldn’t be too bad. He was on the tour thing last night with me and today we have just dicked about on the main strip, has been a laugh. He has 4 towels with him, what a ‘tard eh.

Just taking it easy with a couple of beers at the hostel now. Just a couple though, I’ve learnt my lesson, for a while anyway.


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4 Responses to “Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. DeCoopa Says:

    Easy now Lone Rider!! Part and parcel of travelling is getting wasted and losing all your stuff. Back in the day (in France, the place where you went and i didn`t get invited that time you went with Bolton) I got wasted and got ripped off and spent £50.00 smackers on a burger and not a Mexican at that!! I did return the following week and threatened him that i would burn is carvan down!! Ah the memories!!

  2. NiMRod Says:

    Hey scoops you’re gonna come over when Jim gets back aren’t you? I hear you want to make up for all that lost lingo practice.

    Dan I know the feeling, I feel ripped off every time I buy a 5.50€ pint! and you know how I like a beer= 2nd mortgage!

    Oh the UK – its not as bad as they make out is it…

    ps you’re my new favourite author.

  3. Dan Bowen Says:

    Coopa, there you go ….., a bona fide invitation from Nimrod himself. You can let it go now 😉

  4. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    Coulda been worse man, coulda woke up in a wetsuit! Ev`ry cloud-silver lining, etc.

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