Crapless craps

Day 28 (in an annoying semi-posh Geordie accent).

Had an indifferent night; met some cool Swedes, Irish, Aussies and Kiwis and enjoyed it and then ended up in a club with Jorma (the Dutch lad I met in Flagstaff), playing r&b. Now in my mind original rhythm and blues from yesteryear is as fine a type of music as there is, but this utter dross that masquerades with the same name in the modern era is nothing short of horrific. A single toe wouldn’t move never mind my chuffin’ hips.

Anyways, later on I was around 70 metres from home at 04:18 and I was $30 down on the day, a little while later (05:38) and I was $30 up. Never liked losing, token efforts included. It was fun putting $40 on black (well I wasn’t gonna put it in red was I). Though the roulette attendent lady didn’t seem too happy when I left.

Now I’ve just got up and I’m in a bar on Fremont St longing for a full on Albion brekkie, too late was the cry though. I’ve had to settle for a Mexican swine burger, I hope it’s good. My recent meals have all been a bit bobbins. I also resent that I’m going to have to tip this miserable and slow waitress. Humbug bah.

I’ve wasted a lot of my Vegas time really, because of tiredness/hangovers I’ve not seen anything I had planned on. The good thing is that it’s an easy place to come back to someday so all is not lost eh.

Am meeting Jorma and some of the other chaps shortly, so more of the same!

San Diego tomorrow readers. Clure tells me that Arnold has got his Uzi 9mm out and declared a state of emergency. Lords knows what repercussions this will have for me.

Postscript – They must be getting this Mexican burger from Me’hico. Where is the bugger! I’m going to have to register an English complaint shortly. Don’t call me shortly pegleg.


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3 Responses to “Crapless craps”

  1. Topcat Says:

    Does your pal Jorma have Finnish origins? The name is as Finnish as the gay… sorry… day is long. I’ll look at the Skype thing at the end of the week!

  2. Dan Bowen Says:

    No, but his Mam and Dad were Jefferson Airplane fans!

    I twigged that it sounded Finnish and asked myself.

  3. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    “Mexican swine burgers”. Dan Bowen ….is…with Ross Kemp…on the edge!

    Were you fortunate to be on Fremont street when the overhead lights show took place matey? Hope so.

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