What happens in Vegas …

I’ve been sat in an airport terminal for the past 2 and a half hours leeching wifi. I should really leave before I’m suspected as a terrorist and subject to, erm, probing.

The rental car was dropped off fine and I was relieved when they weren’t concerned about the copious amounts of bird shit and dead bugs covering the front. I wasn’t in the mood for a verbal ruck.

I’m feeling a tad peeky, like a bit of man flu coming on, all hot and weak. Only joking, sorry, in poor taste I know. I actually better watch out though as my next stop is San Diego right on the border.

Hmm, Texas bus drivers are nice and friendly where as Nevada ones appear to be aloof and surly, much more akin to our own in fact. I may write a book on ‘The psychology behind a bus driver’s temperament the world over’ on my return, or maybe not.

Now this is quite odd but cool too, I just went in to the hotel via the main entrance and there are 5 large Man City flags hanging from the front in perfect arrangement. This isn’t the case with any other hotels I’ve seen in town so I enquired what it was about with the manager, he made a phone call to check and then told me they were honouring Ricky Hatton as he is fighting here on Saturday. Ha.

I may be meeting up with a lad from the last hostel in a while if we can overcome communication issues, it shouldn’t be a problem, it is the digital age after all. He is staying somewhere on the main strip, the only problem is the strip is humongous. I’m sure I’ll find somet to do though if it goes tits up.

Beef jerky has become a regular item in my diet. It’s ruddy expensive though so I’m off out now to earn some green bills motherduckers. Show me the money.

So I’ve just been wondering round bemused by it all. I’ve never been able to grasp how fruit machines work so these slot machines may as well be in Arabic, though you would probably get a hand (maybe even 2) chopped of if you used it then. It’s a catch 27 scenario.

I had a little dabble on roulette as it’s the only one I understand enough. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless you bet big and win first time and then do one, you can’t actually make any sponds. Mug’s game this lark. There’s 2 things I like a wager on: soccer (!) and the little horses (me and Topcat have a twonk proof formula), I’m not cut out for anything else.

Since I’ve been in the States I’ve been told I look like one of The Beatles around 6 times. No particular one, just a generic Beatle, maybe Stewart Sutcliffe or perhaps even Zak’s Dad. These lookey likey calls are normally followed by a request for some dosh for various amounts and reasons; 2 bucks for a beer, $1 for the bus, 75 cents for a cigar etc. Lots of bums in America. They can jog on, I don’t even like the Beatle look.

I think I’m rambling now so I’ll say adiós. In my defence though this blogging game is my only refuge from over drinking when there’s nae bugger to gasbag with.



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6 Responses to “What happens in Vegas …”

  1. Nic Bowen Says:

    I want 2 hear more about Vegas, im savin 2 go 4 my 40th. A long way off, i know. P.s you hav had swine flu 4 years little bro. Lol. Xx

  2. Jimbo Says:

    you going to the fight? or any of the press conference’s

  3. Dan Bowen Says:

    Boach – I’ve not seen as much as I should have done. Been to knackered and hungover!

    Jimbo – Nope, am off to Cali tomorrow.

  4. Topcat Says:

    Cool about the flags! About the little horses…. I tried our secret formula on one of the betting websites where you can also bet on dogs and I lost about 20 euros…. We’ll always have Belle Vue… Has anybody called you Mr Bean yet?

  5. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    Nic, saving for your 40th you young whippersnapper? Years to go girl!

    Dan, did you see Industrial road buddy?

  6. Dan Bowen Says:

    What’s that then Del?

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