America f*ck yeah!

Okay, after months of banal waffling I’m finally here. Hello New York City!

The flight was ace, they just kept plying me with food and drink and there were loads of films and games gratis. Benjamin Button – good, Ritcheous Kill – chuffin’ dreadful.

Had a quick mooch around Time Square last night and to be honest it didn’t do all that much for me, it’s just like a much larger version of Leicester Square in London. Slightly cheap in a way. Though the sheer scale of it all is impressive. The highlight was a busker walking up and down the metro on the way back singing Sam Cooke tunes.

This morning, after I stopped downloading podcasts, blogging and testing the new 1st party Skype app on the iPhone, I remembered I’m in New York and decided to go do something.

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was good and then I trundled over to ground zero where the World Trade Centre used to be, it’s a hub of regeneration and building activity now but there are memorials everywhere as you’d expect.

After that I’ve just been idly wandering around downtown having a beer here and there, including four in a bar in Grenwich Village (as it was two for one happy hour), which seems pretty cool, the architecture has a Dutch feel to it.

Next up was loads more walking (probably a lot more than neccessary due to a bit of a tipsy state and failing navigational skills) to Little Italy for some pasta and meatballs.

The pic below is of street art in the Brooklyn neighbourhood where my hostel is.


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11 Responses to “America f*ck yeah!”

  1. claire Says:

    Brooklyn Bridge was on TV this morning…some guy was about to propose and dropped the ring onto the road level, caused a right kafuffle – did you see it? i looked out for you but couldn’t see you:-(
    how many meatballs 🙂 x x

  2. David Says:

    So they actually let you in then! Bloody hell.

    Glad to hear you are having fun.

  3. Nic Bowen Says:

    About time!!! Ive been checking your blog constantly since you left. I can now finally relax as it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself!!! :0)). What are the people in the hostel like??

    Slow down on the meatballs bro – You don’t want to end up a Fatty Arbuckle. Have you tried a corndog yet?? in fact WTF is a corndog????

  4. Nic Bowen Says:

    Dan – Just to let you know that I have spoken to Dad, he said you had tried to call him a couple of times but couldn’t get through. He was a bit worried. I have told him you are ok and read out your blog update to him. So you don’t need to call him!! xxx

  5. Dan Bowen Says:

    Clure – 1 big meatball! Pasta could have been cooked a bit more IMHO.

    Boach – I text Dad after those calls so he wouldn’t worry, not sure why he didn’t get it. Not sure why he couldn’t hear me, it worked fine with Andy and Claire. Maybe cos he is on Vodafone?

    Is pishing it down reet proper here!

  6. Nic Bowen Says:

    This is our father we are talking about Dan?? Does it really require an explanation!!

    So what occurs on Friday night in the Big A??? Can’t wait for the next installment!! xxx

  7. claire Says:

    Me neither…can we keep the food theme running, its my favourite 🙂

    Nicola i found out what a corndog is, sounds amazing – have one dan!!! x x

    The corn dog, pogo or corny dog is a frankfurter coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil, although some are baked. Almost all corn dogs are served on wooden sticks, though some early versions were stickless. Corn-dog is the nickname for a highschool student in boulder colorado named connor rowinski.

  8. Nic Bowen Says:

    Mmmm it does sound good! Defo keep the food theme going, im on a diet but virtual binge eating is ok! (Lost 5 pounds) God this is like facebook all over again, im so addicted!!

  9. Cuzzin Delboy Says:

    The Man is in the USA, spreading the Manc gospel. I hear ya brutha(well cuz but y`know what I mean lol).

    I`ll be on here regular matey seeing as you`re living the dream for us boring “by the book” types!



    look out for one of those deli sandwiches with about 15 types of sliced meat on it . i saw one on a program years ago . it was massive .have one of those a day and you will be massive as well .
    have a good time mate


    the picture you posted looks like a banksy .if it isn’t one of his then someone is copying banksys style

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